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Committed to Global Missions

One of the reasons God has greatly blessed Vandalia Baptist Temple is because VBT, from its very beginning, has been committed to global missions. In 1957 they began to give 10% of all church offerings to missions. Then in the 1970s the church moved to begin supporting missions through Faith Promise, and our missions giving exploded. In 2020 (even in the midst of all the COVID crisis) we finally surpassed $4 million that has been given directly to missions since we began Faith Promise around 1970. We currently support around 100 missionaries in dozens of countries every single month.


In 1975 our church sent out Rick and Jackie Washburn as our first church-planting missionaries to Colombia, South America. Then Rick and Megan Washburn were sent out in 1996 and served in Colombia and Spain for 11 years. Years later, God allowed us to become the sending church of Shelley Grimm, who was raised here, and served as a missionary in Honduras for several years. Then we sent out Jenni Stukkie, who was also raised here and is serving in the Dominican Republic.  Our most recent missionaries to send out are Isaiah and Monica Fitch, who are preparing to serve in the country of Spain.  God has been so good!


Since 2008, we have sent missions teams to the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Latvia, Italy and even Old North Dayton and Cincinnati. Missions is at the heart of God, and will remain at the heart of Vandalia Baptist Temple!

Faith Promise Giving

Hope Rising

One of the local ministries that we partner with for outreach and missions in our area is Hope Rising. 

Hope Rising is a tremendous ministry that provides resources and counseling for women in crisis. They can do this because of the generosity of churches and individuals who give directly to their ministry. If you would like to donate just follow the link below. 

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