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Vandalia Baptist Temple has created a Ministry Internship opportunity for men and women who feel called into vocational ministry, and are needing in-depth ministry and leadership experience within a local church. This will be open to those who are currently completing their Bible and ministry studies, or who have already completed them.



• Interns will serve for a minimum of two years

• Interns will be required to spend a minimum of three months fulfilling leadership tasks and responsibilities in all areas of church ministry, such as:

◦ Children's ministry and events

◦ Bus outreach

◦ Hospital and nursing home visitation

◦ Home visitation

◦ Teaching and preaching

◦ Church planting

◦ Youth ministry

◦ Music/worship ministry

◦ Media ministry

• Men will be required to focus additional time in preaching and teaching, and in areas of worship, youth, or children, depending on their ministry calling and burden.

• Ladies will be required to focus additional time in children and ladies ministries, also dependent upon their ministry calling and burden.

• Interns will be required to spend a set number of hours being mentored in some practical life skills that are often needed on the mission field, in church planting, or in local church ministry. These would include (but not be limited to):

◦ Carpentry

◦ Plumbing

◦ Electrical work

◦ Automotive mechanics


• The internship is a volunteer internship (no salary or compensation provided). Interns will need to seek outside employment that will allow them to be regularly involved in local church ministry (weeknights and weekends). Weekday business hours will be the ideal work schedule for interns. Vandalia Baptist Temple will also seek local businesses to partner with our Ministry Internship to help provide employment opportunities.

• Interns will serve under the oversight of the Pastoral Team and other church leaders, depending on their current area of involvement. As each required area is completed, the respective leaders will sign the intern's Ministry Internship Form.

• Interns will be expected to follow the same guidelines of attendance, conduct, and dress code as the pastoral team. This includes church services and events.

Upon completion of both a Bible degree and the Ministry Internship, men will be ready (upon recommendation of the pastor, pastoral team, and church deacons) to be ordained to the Gospel ministry. Both men and ladies called to serve as missionaries will be ready for recommendation to a Mission Agency.

To apply for our ministry internship program please fill-out and return the forms below.

724 Helke Rd Vandalia, OH 45377

937-898-5761 |

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